The Hyper Fan® Series...

Quiet, Smooth And Efficient

When Compared To Other Fans In Its Category:

  • Extremely energy efficient running at 1/2 the power of comparable fans.
  • You get it all! More airflow, higher pressure and lower operating costs!

Class Leading Performance Via "Multi-Phase" Motors

Hyper Fan® Next Generation "Multi-Phase" EC Motors are vastly superior to all existing fan motor technology. "Multi-Phase" technology allows the motor to be energized 12 times per revolution as compared to 2 or 4 times with competitors fans, making the application of power to the fan blades smooth, ultra efficient and vibration free.

More Efficient And More Reliable

Next Generation "Multi-Phase" EC Motors use up to half the power and produce half the heat of traditional EC and/or DC motors. This results in greatly reduced energy costs coupled with less wear, greatly increased reliability and a longer expected lifespan than any other fan it its class.

Laminar Blade Design & Stator Technology

Hyper Fan® is the first fan in the industry to utilize the combination of Laminar Blade Design & Stator Technology. This technology stems from modern jet engine design to create less drag and have a higher co-efficiency than the competitors fan blade designs. This is the foundation of the Hyper Fan's® many benefits including reduced noise, more efficient operation, higher airflow and the highest static pressure performance of any fan in its class.

Designed To Last

When Design Meets Function

From Phresh® minds come Phresh® products, and we've broken the mold with the Hyper Fan®. In addition to the "Multi-Phase" EC Motor and Laminar Blade Design & Stator Technology, we've constructed the fan housings from lightweight aluminum and use larger, superior, sealed "self-lubricating" ball bearings (as opposed to less reliable needle roller bearings). These heavy duty sealed bearings ensure smoother operation and increased longevity of the fan while permitting flexibility during installation such as universal and offset mounting capabilities.

12 Reasons To Use "Multi-Phase" EC Motors Over Other Motors!

Multi-Phase EC Motor means that instead of 2 or 4 magnetic poles (DC motor) or a maximum of 8 magnetic poles (standard EC motor) per revolution, Hyper Fan® utilizes 12 magnetic poles. This combination of 12 permanent magnet poles allows the motor to run at the highest magnetic efficiency of any fan in the market. This equates to more airflow for much less power consumption and a longer expected life span.

Soft Start Feature

A soft start feature is programmed into the circuitry and slowly feeds the power into the motor resulting in less wear and a longer life span.

Speed Controller Included

Hyper Fan® includes a speed controller that can adjust fan speed from 35% - 100%. It is detachable from the fan and independent from the power cord. The fan will automatically operate at full power when used without the supplied speed controller.

Return On Investment

Reduced Electricity Costs

Hyper Fan® delivers the highest CFM per watt of any fan in the industry. Electricity costs vary greatly depending on where you use your Hyper Fan®. On average, Hyper Fan® will pay for itself in energy savings in three years or less! With a 2 year warranty and Hyper Fan's® renowned reliability, your fan will be quietly saving you money for a long time.